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Update to release 3.0 Print
Gibraltar 3.0 is based on a new kernel version 2.6.x and Debian GNU/Linux 5.0. This major update to a new base operating system makes it impossible to automatically migrate the complete configuration of a previous Gibraltar release.

There are three possible ways to upgrade to Gibraltar 3.0:

  • New installation from scratch: We strongly recommend to re-install your Gibraltar from scratch. This will guarantee a proper and fully compatible system configuration.
  • Partial migration: The following settings are automatically migrated when a Gibraltar appliance is first booted with version 3.0 and a configuration in old format is found: network settings, X.509 and SSH keys, certificates.
  • Full manual upgrade by support: Please refer to our support for an individual offer. We will manually edit your current configuration to the new configuration format for Gibraltar 3.0.

Independently of your preferred update variant, please mind the following important steps before you perform an upgrade:
  1. Make sure that the patches “GibADMIN3.gib” and “update-system-v3.gib” are installed.
  2. Save and export configuration of old version.
  3. Check the size of the compact flash card currently installed in the Gibraltar Security Gateway. The size is shown at the register card “Upload CF image” when you press the link “Update” in the title bar. For migrating to Gibraltar 3.0, a minimum size of 1 GB is necessary. If your CF card is smaller, we will replace your CF card free of charge. In this case please contact our support.
  4. Run an internal and external port scan to document the open ports from both sides.
  5. Take screenshots of the web interface overviews to reconstruct the configuration, or use any other form of documenting current settings that allows to re-configure the firewall.
  6. If you added users to the local LDAP server in the “Users” module, you may want to create a backup of the user database to rebuild it after the update:
    • Stop the integrated LDAP server with
      “/etc/init.d/slapd stop”
      and backup the LDAP user database with
      “slapcat > [filename]
    • Copy the backup file to your desktop computer (with Linux use the command “scp” or with Microsoft Windows the tool “WinSCP”).
  7. (only partial automatic upgrade): Make sure to avoid usage of underscores “_” in the names of the interfaces; “_” is not allowed within interface names. Change your interface names if necessary.
  8. (upgrade by support): Replace all occurrences of host names in host aliases by IP addresses. Host names are not allowed within aliases any more.
Update process:
  1. Replace CF card or upload the new image file via web interface.
  2. (only configuration from scratch): delete existing configuration on hard disk or CF card
  3. (only partial automatic upgrade): make sure that old configuration file can be found by new version of Gibraltar (USB, hard disk, CF card).
  4. (only upgrade by support): Copy new configuration sent by support to a USB stick and connect it to the appliance.
  5. Restart the appliance.
  6. Set new password.
  7. Integrate the hard disk.
  8. Restore the LDAP user database with
    "cat [filename] | slapadd -c”
  9. Configuration of all necessary settings.
  10. Upload new license file.
  11. Save and backup configuration.

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